Topic: People who can't play the new update don't matter?

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    I see there are numerous participants like me that can’t play the game due to the new UI patch. WHY is that? NO one cares OR WE don’t matter….which is it? I posted a critical exception bug, but you guys/devs fix for it is “roll back the game to the last update”. I got 300hrs or more invested into this game & that’s the only solution you guys can come up with? So for participants like me with problems with the new patch WE GOTTA just sit back and wait for another patch that will HOPEFULLY solve our issues? Smh….my perception from the way you guys are handling this is that U ARE giving US the middle finger & yes I’m ANGRY about it. I have high expectations for this game & hope that you guys will roll out another update soon. Participants like me who are having issues would LIKE TO GO BACK to enjoying this game!


    Maybe they cant figure out what is it thats causing it? Or it has low priority.


    I believe unfortunately we’re on the back-burner. I emailed them my DxDiag and log.html, I updated my drivers as they suggested, and I even went as far and attempted a bunch of other things (running as administrator etc) suggested to other people. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this matter. I have nearly 200 hours logged on the game and with a pretty solid squad of men. I too think the game is incredible! And I would really enjoy getting back to it as well…


    As far as I know Rap is very serious about all errors in the game, and especially critical. Сuz problem not for all players possible it is difficult to identify the problem. I think to show a little patience. I’m sure will do everything possible to correct. These are not the guys who spit on the players as the other companies.


    I feel your frustration. I had a bug a while back (and still do!) That crashes combat speed after about 500 in game days. Happens on different save files with different companies. I’ve got more than 300 hours in the game, and I love the work that Overhype does. I went through the reporting process, and they couldn’t fix it. I get it. It’s a small team, they can’t fix every issue with every player with all the different pc specs out there, but it was suggested that maybe I was using a mod to affect the time functions in-game, and that was my problem. So not only was the problem not fixed, with no possible fix incoming, but it was implied that I caused the problem by cheating. Love the work that the Overhype team is doing, and it’s incredibly impressive for a team of their size, but I do kinda feel shafted on the bug side of things.


    To The Devs, I downloaded the latest update (4th of July) to the game. UNFORTUNATELY the game still has the same issue….SMH. Hopefully this will eventually be fixed. I will await patiently for a resolution. I have NOT given up on this game!


    Devs already said this is because some graphic cards do not support properly some OpenGL functions. If you have obsolete Radeon graphic card (like me) it can help to get last actual drivers for these cards exactly. I has this “critical hardware error” bug too, with latest radeon drivers, but when i found last drivers pack for my card, from 2013, it works. There, in right column, if you are with Radeon


    Computer Crashes for me when I try to play the game for longer then 2min.. I just want to play. I have no clue how to even report this as my computer just freezes and I can’t do anything..


    @dltoster & devs, I have all the latest driver updates for my video cards & get the same issue….ANY OTHER ADVICE?


    If you have “PlaysTV” installed and running, close it before running Battle Brothers. It comes packaged with some video drivers if you don’t uncheck some checkbox, so you may not even be aware that you have it.

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    This new update has fixed my problems, so far. Thanks


    @Devs & fellow participants, Finally my issue has been fixed! Yes u do have to disable OR uninstall “plays tv”. Thanks! The game looks gr8. It seems the game has been made “harder”. Even on the easiest level u lose up to 2 men in the first scenario….that’s a little extreme. In the future can some adjustable sliders be added so the player can adjust how frequently u encounter roving bands & their strength?

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