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    I would like to heavily suggest the inclusion of an (optional!) Perk Roulette Mode in Battle Brothers.
    (People probably remember Training Roulette from XCOM: Enemy Unknown?)

    1) What do I mean by Perk Roulette Mode?
    An optional mode that changes the way of Perk Selection. For example, instead of being able to pick from the perk tree (but restricted by level), you could be offered a random selection of 3 perks, from the entire pool (not restricted by level – weapon specialization perks should probably be reduced in probability, since there are so many of them). 3 perks would probably be right amount that would offer enough chance and not frustrate players with the random nature of it, although one could try 2 or 4.

    2) What would this add to the game?
    In my opinion this would extremely increase longevity of the game for people who like such a mode. It would make your brothers more personalized and special, and add a further challenge, as you would not be able to ‘plan’ your brother builds from the start and their efficiency would take a hit if unlucky. You would have to ‘switch things up as you go along’, as brothers might develop in unexpected ways. In addition, it would extremely increase variety, especially in early development phases. In the current system, as soon as a player has his builds planned out, nothing will generally change the way a brother develops.

    3) How much effort would this take?
    Not much. It would probably a small UI window that shows the perks that are available on level up, otherwise it would be manageable with probably a small amount of coding. Only the perk selection step would have to be modified.

    Thank you, and look forward to the DLC.

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    In X-com it was used to get Uber sets of skills, as some was class restricted.
    Peeps with poor sets was dismissed/killed off.

    In BB all skills are available, and end result will be a gimped bro or just skill reshuffle. Both goals are pointless, besides just some fun with operating with gimped/unpredictable bros.

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