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    It would be really cool for player’s merc company to be able to gain ownership of cities, forts, villages etc. Receive a monthly tax per owned city/town/fort. ability to invest in them to add new buildings to increase tax rev and add items to shop / services in the city. Also ability to create patrols and companys which can assist players in combat ( including conquering new cities/towns/forts).

    To ease the player into having ownership of location, maybe have a quest from a noble house that states they cannot pay you in coin but will give you a village of your own upon completion of contract ( contract should be somewhat difficult).

    obviously you can expand on these options, this was just a general idea. would be cool if the player unified ( through force) the realm before a orc or undead crisis.

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    This game is about leading a mercenary company in a low fantasy world. There’s other excellent games out there for managing cities, but this one is not and never will be one of them.

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