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    Avatar photoJoyfulRogue

    For those of us most hardcore of fans… PLEASE give us a higher challenge!

    It won’t take much development time and it’d make us so happy for another 50-100 hours of the game <3

    A few suggestions:

    1) No one skull contracts, only 2 and 3 skull ones.
    2) Hardcore retreat – like it was before, high chance of death instead of guaranteed injury at retreat outside of map edge
    3) Tougher SCALING of difficulty – the game becomes way easier at higher renown at the moment. Could you make it get harder instead?
    4) Survival Challenge – increase upkeep cost and harsher penalties for shitty food quality, morale drops more and needs tavern drinks or victories to be kept high

    Avatar photoSolone201

    For the contracts, they just need to remove the skull indicators without changing the level of the missions. Like before. Every mission was a kind of a risky bet back then.

    Personally I don’t like to grind for the sake of it, but I understand the call for a new challenge.

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