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    Welcome to the Battle Brothers forums!

    Before posting topics in here you should be aware of some basic, not so hard to understand rules. Users that violate these rules will be warned or banned, depending on the case.

    1. Be respectful to other users
    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. If you don’t agree, you can tell them in a respectful and constructive way.
    2. No discrimination
    Don’t hate on people who are different, no matter their religion, sexual orientation, gender or age.
    3. Spamming and trolling
    We have nothing against sarcastic remarks, irony, puns, gists, jokes or witty comebacks, but don’t be a troll. Just don’t. Spammers will be instantly banned.
    4. Impersonating Overhype Staff
    Do not act as if you are a member of Overhype Studios or if you have internal information if you don’t. Let’s keep things as clear as possible.

    So there is that. Please follow these easy rules and have fun posting!

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    Hi mods,

    Just want to tell and suggest you to had steam trading cards and achievement as it should always be, especialy with steam, than I will buy it all about this game:)))

    Thanks for your cooperation and your special attention,


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