Topic: Pointless behaviours from enemy AIs

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    Not a bug exactly, but some of the behaviours seen from enemy AIs recently seem odd/pointless. For example:

    — Wolfriders frequently use Footwork to disengage from combat, but then re-engage into the exact same position (this basic example has existed for a long time)
    — Now, wolfriders sometimes waste a whole turn (and lots of energy) by disengaging, re-engaging into the same spot, disengaging again and again re-engaging into the exact same spot (I’d never seen this until recent builds)
    — Bandits seem to over-use the Rotation perk generally, and even in situations in which (a) each of them is in approximate equal peril and/or (b) the new position of one bandit or both is not really any more or less perilous than the original one
    — To give one example of the above, a bandit with decent armour and a billhook used his turn to rotate with a marksman in a torn green tunic who had already been caught in melee and who was armed only with a knife

    Avatar photoSteven Aus

    Devs, have you been able to nail down these bugs?

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