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    On the third day, on my way back from a city to the starting village to slay Hoggart the Weasel I came across a ruined castle at night. I had my 3 starting companions and 4 fishermen I hired and gave round shields and spears. I found 9 bandits, a mix of raiders, thugs and marksmen. It was a tough fight for a new company and I lost my two handed axeman companion and a fisherman but killed the raider who slew him and 5 others. The last three fled. That’s when I found in the loot of this battle the Unsung Hero’s Vanquisher. Its the same two handed sword on page 52 of Pauls art corner in the battle brothers forum, the second one with the gold hilt and red gripping. Its max damage output is 140 and it causes less fatigue and is better than a common two hander in every way. I was shocked to find this on my third day, and I gave it to my spear and shield starting companion, who used it to decapitate Hoggart the weasel in a single blow. I past day 400 and my grey bearded “captain” is still alive and taking heads with the vanquisher thanks to his blood thirsty trait. This has turned out to be the best company I ever created. Can anyone tell me if they have encountered a more powerful weapon?

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    Damn dude where did you find all that legendary equipment.

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    Well the Two handed sword I already explained, but the orchish shield with bones from a orc warrior, and the wooden orchish shield from a orc warlord. I about half from weapon and armor smiths and half I found by beating bandit leaders. I got the byzantine looking bronze scale armor from hidden place I found by buying a map from a travelling merchant. But they can sell you junk maps as well.

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