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    A new perk !!!! Tippler/Alchemist/whatever you want to call it. Basically it is a tier 3 perk that makes potions more useful. Obviously it would need balancing to make it useful but not OP. My idea is maybe the perk makes the first and second tick of the potion effect to work for one more turn each, meaning the potions are much more useful. Secondly it could give a percentage chance that the potion is recovered after battle and immunity to negative status effects. So many potions just aren’t that useful in the meta at the moment.

    The ultimate goal is that this perk will add to what is the most fun thing in the game – the search for new niche builds. Everyone loves making new builds, just like when you guys added the whip weapon. This perk will highlight an area of the game which is underused aswell as make a new fresh change with potential new builds ! Cheers guys !

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