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    This is the biggest problem of the game. Now the claimed probability of hit almost does not correlate with the actual frequency of hits. Very often situations where the warrior misses three times in a row with a probability of more than 70%, or successive strikes of 10 soldiers with probabilities over 60% fall just 2-3 times. This enrages. It turns out that the player completely can not count on the probability that is written in battle. I understand that this is random, and that after 1000 hits, the number of hits will indeed correspond to the stated probability, but the battles do not last that long. This probability the player must see at once, on the first 10 beats.

    I’m strongly asking to make random controlled so that frequency of hits always correlated with the declared probability. Technically, this is very simple (I can provide my version of the algorithm, or even write it in c++ and give you the code).

    By now this random kill all the desire to try the game on the Iron Man.

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