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    1) “Always pause” toggle upon entering world map after town/fight etc.
    2) Show contents of the bro’s inventory (bags&belts) on battle screen, for faster acess.
    3) autouse recover (if bro has it) on skipping turns
    4) Show info on bros during events. (I want know exactly who gets what (besides the name))
    5) Different areas (filters) in the stash to help organise items (like spare weapons (armor, materials)/looted stuff for sale, food area).
    “Binding” stuff to that location/filter.
    With “auto repair” on/off toggles.
    “Sell everything” in that location/filter button.
    Areas are adjustable by the player within overall limit.
    “confirm sell” on attemps to sell famed/legendary/2000+ gold stuff (adjustable)
    6) “Scout” feature, to scout camps before commiting to battle. Obviously, risks involved. Just to reveal usual info on party composition.
    7) Always add to inventory event stuff, regardless of inventory limitations. Firing bros included.

    Not so simple:

    1) Savable/loadable gear configurations. With “favourite” pool of sets for each bro. (To help link a bro with a desired weapon sets for faster acess)
    2) Savable/loadable formations, based on a weapon equipped.
    3) ingame notepad (best, if advanced, with hyperlinks) to keep track of stuff like bros, rumors, conditions, item spawns in shops, market/recruit last checks, camps, etc.

    Avatar photoThorHC

    3) autouse recover (if bro has it) on skipping turns

    Yeah, it should be completly passive perk in skip turn event. Right now it can be “abused” with Berserker perk.

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