Topic: QoL: Stop materializing armies of hostile enemies directly on the player’s head

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    It is currently possible for cities and dwellings to spawn hostile enemies directly on the player’s head with no chance for them to escape. This is extremely silly and makes for a bad player experience, especially when some of these armies have aspects to them (war dogs, etc) which virtually guarantee you cannot flee in the tactical layer and will lose at least one brother. It encourages people to do very silly things like keeping their nine best guys in the reserve and walking around with one throwaway character. The game should not encourage this kind of tedium.

    My suggestion is very simple: when anything is spawned in on the map, call the same function that makes them “stunned” after you flee. This will give the player a legitimate chance to see them and leave without being insta-engaged on. This is a huge QoL thing, please add it to the game.

    A highly unpleasant example of what I’m talking about:

    Avatar photoBlacksteel

    Just made a similar post, this is so frustrating when you’re playing ironman.

    - Blacksteel

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