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    First off I love your game. I only have 9 hours docked but I am having a blast and am enjoying everything about it thus far.

    I had a couple questions.

    First do you plan on implementing an easier way to be a bad guy? At the moment you have to cancel contracts and lose reputation with cities/villages/factions in order to raid caravans and kill traveling peasants. Will you allow the player to rp as an evil merc group that is able to kill and raid at will without having to cancel contracts?

    Also what about raiding cities and towns?

    On a side note with this will you allow the player to take up contracts with necromancers or other evil entities? I think that would be an interesting way of allowing the player more freedom with how they want to role-play their company. If they want it to fight for good or evil.

    Lastly I know you have said you aren’t going to implement a base building mechanic since its all about the traveling merc group. But perhaps down the line do you think you would implement something similar to enhancing your camp and allowing factions to seek you out and offer you contracts when you become well known in the world?

    I think these would really enhance the role-play side of the game as well as give the player a lot of freedom with how they want to operate in the world. Either way, I LOVE THE GAME! Keep up the good work.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    While I personally hope there never are bases or horses, I do think it would be cool if you could take on contracts from a much greater variety of people (i.e. not just nobles and trade representatives, but also independent groups of peasants, wealthy individuals, cult leaders, heads of religious/ideological factions or others wishing to assassinate them, necromancers as suggested, rival bandits immersed in internal disputes, etc. etc.).

    Avatar photodarthbane

    I think that would add a lot of immersion and depth to the game as well.

    Avatar photoLEGS_Luthor

    allow the player to take up contracts with necromancers

    Such option would be awesome! I mean, the necromancers are humans, after all, unlike orks and other crap. Such opportunity is, at least, logical.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    I’m all for a much greater variety of people as a source of contracts.

    Why should contracts be bound to crowns and wealthy, influential people?
    Why couldn’t there be poor individuals seeking help from mercenaries? Offering something which may be more valuable to you, instead of crowns.

    Like a single woman, seeking to save her child from the clutches of a necromancer, offering you an armor (weapon) of her late husband as payment.
    Or an old bowyer, ready to give you his best bow if you manage to save his daughter (or woman he loves), taken away by bandits to their hideout.
    Or a farmer, seeking vengeance upon direwolves responsible for the deaths of his wife and children while he was away.. etc.

    Well, it also can be a bandit leader or necromancer (not so poor individuals), as suggested above, offering you some of his treasure as a reward if you kill / plunder and/or bring something not worth crowns, but valuable to him.
    Not to mention, if these contract offers were made as events (only available in case you don’t have active contract already), you could refuse their offer and try to kill them instead, but face a strong(or unknown) opposition with unknown reward(?) or gain.
    This would be interesting. ^_^

    Avatar photoAstroKazu
    First off : I m a big fan of the game.
    I just realize I have 100 + hours with my Battle Brothers !
    There are 3 things I like to see in the final version of the game :
    A caravan with followers. I’ve seen few topics and it's an excellent way to have ''base building'' that keeps the ''mercenary way of life'' touch u want.
    Some followers may even improve their skills in town. E.g. a medic can buy a special book or take lesson with a famous doctor (or a quack!)
    your weapon smith can learn new techniques... 
    And a way to defend the camp during the night.
    I'd like to have the ability to heal brother on the ground. I'm not a big fan of random one blow can kill one of my men. I'm talking a man with full armour-stamina-shield not a wounded fool on first line!  The brother is on the ground and you have like 3 turns to stop the countdown. 
    It would be nice with that idea, to have enemies with the ability to kill your brother on the ground. E.g. all animals can eat the poor lying soul. Vampire would feed on them but skeletons don’t mind them. Goblin with wolves are nasty dudes.  Orc berserkers like to kill anything on their way  but Orc warriors are too proud!!!
    More stress and tactics I think.
    Main quest would be awesome. Looking for an artefact or a treasure so we can retire in peace. Or some mercenary's dream I don't know  (please not a lost father/son/wife  !!!!)
    Different missions to find the exact location.
    The game is already fun as it is. Its just some thoughts.
    I know nothing about creating a game and coding. 
    Thank you.
    Avatar photoToats McGoats

    so when the game comes out and the price has been adjusted will they be charging the people who already bought the game again? or will they let us have the full version?

    Alijah Khan

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    so when the game comes out and the price has been adjusted will they be charging the people who already bought the game again? or will they let us have the full version?

    This is a bit off topic for this post…

    Anyway, if you’ve purchased the early access game and thus supported its development… when release time comes, no, you should not be charged an additional fee if/when the devs adjust the price of the game. At least this is how it’s been throughout my 4 years of playing Early access games through Steam.

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    Whit the full game coming soon now allowing the players company to take a part in banditry i have a few idea that would make that experience a bit more fun.These ideas only range from the idea of being a bandit.These in game would make the players company hostile to the noble houses and independent villages lowering your relationship with them and renown , but would increase your relation with bandits.You cannot do these and gain relation with goblins,orcs,and the undead factions.

    Lowering your renown to 0/zero would allow you to go into infamy.Noble house will see you as a threat and send there own troops after you or hire mercenarys to hunt and kill your company

    The player company can raid villages if you can get past the militia,your company can take items from the homes of peasants or a little something from the market gaining gold,supplies,armor and weapons.

    Your company can take contracts from different bandit factions given by bandit leaders

    If the company becomes low on food you can chose to steal for a farmer(s) for some wheat

    Contract(reward player in gold and other ill gotten gain.player company can be attacked by other mercenary company or militia)
    A bandit leader can ask the player company to steal something from a village.
    A bandit leader can ask the player company to destroy a enemy bandit camp
    A bandit leader can ask the player company to join them in a raid on village

    Avatar photoRap

    Not to curtail your creativity in any way, but the ability to easily attack other parties that aren’t hostile is a simple convenience feature. It has always been possible to attack them if you sabotage relations to their faction first. As the dev blog explained, there won’t be any new gameplay associated with banditry for now.

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