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    So I just had this question that I wanted to ask before the release on the 29th this february: I have seen some updates (including a video of the worldmap you can watch here: ) that mentioned the temple… But I have never seen or heard anything more about it…
    What is the use of the temple?
    I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna figure it out myself soon after the release, but I can’t help my curiosity…

    Avatar photoBananenbaum

    Could you give us a timestamp in that video? Not quite sure which temple you are talkin of.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    Just at 4:19 – 4:20 He says: “This is the temple… Umm… That will be added later.”

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    I assume that temples could play a role in creation (or finding) some special items. Here You can see the legendary Ghostbane blade. It references Bogenheim Abbey. A church (or an abbey) is basically a temple, a building of worship.

    Alternatively temples could serve as a spawning grounds for the refreshed ancient Undead. Ancient enemies require ancient place of origin. It could serve necromancers as a place to conduct their dark arts, especially if the ancients were keen on burying their dead in a special places (which could be pretty much the same as the Christian practice to bury people at cementaries, the so-called “Holy Ground”).

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