Topic: Rally the Troops re-work?

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    I’ve always lost interest in mercenaries after giving them the Rally the Troops perk. The skill is quite costly and requires them to be used/positioned solely to suit others, and this discourages you from allowing them to play a meaningful part in the heat of the battle. It seems silly that a mercenary who always hangs back from combat blowing a trumpet should inspire others to charge recklessly into the melee to risk their lives. I think the perk would be better if the skill (in addition to potentially enhancing the morale state of allies):

    — Had little/no fatigue and action point cost
    — Could ONLY be used while engaged in melee
    — Increased the chance of the user being hit with any weapon by +10
    — Increased the user’s damage dealt by c. 25%
    — Was more successful when the user hit an opponent on the same turn

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Its fine like it is.
    Actually i would like to see more similar orders/commands both area and single target.

    Avatar photoJohel3007

    I gave the “sergeant” perk to my three polearms dudes, since they’ll always be close to at least 2 frontline dudes each.
    I am thinking about giving the “rally the troop” perk to my captain, just for fun.

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