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    …seems to be very low if you compare it with the number of times I actually do hit the Enemy (and vice versa – but that’s just a guess of course).

    Is it displayed correctly?

    P.s. : I think the number of times you hit with Bow and Crossbow (don’t use throwing Spears) is fine, don’t adjust that to match the hit chance ;)

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Check the weapon descriptions, the different ranged weapons %-to-hit will help tell you at what ranges you should really be using them

    Avatar photoWargasm

    So far today, I’ve fired at Lost Souls three times (alleged 5% chance) and have despatched them back unto the void from whence they emerged on all three occasions …

    Avatar photoRusBear

    that means in next battle will be 3 miss with 95 %, it is clear…

    Avatar photoWargasm

    After writing that, I then kept firing like crazy at them, and missed almost every time …

    But there’s something irritating about the hit chances and the number of multiple-repeat misses with chances in the 60s-80s. Some months ago, I decided to collect some data to prove that there was a bug. I recorded the hit chance of each attack, and sub-classified the attacks according to the type of attack (e.g. 1-tile melee, 2-tile melee or ranged), and recorded the outcome of each attack. Counting it up, there were definitely way more misses with high hit chances than there were hits with equivalent low hit chances, and yet (somehow) the average % of times hitting (for each sub-class of attack) matched up near-enough exactly with the average hit chance displayed when attacking …

    Specifically, there were 15 total misses with a chance of 65% or higher, but there were 48 attempts, meaning that the successful hit % was actually about 68% …

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