Topic: Ranged units can't hit the broadside of an Unhold?

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    Avatar photoAlexander

    So this is just a minor suggestion: Unholds are huge, aren’t they? Shouldn’t ranged units have less trouble hitting them?

    I think a small boost to hit chance is in order, since they’re said to be so large. It would make sense.

    Avatar photoSoSaltySalt

    I think they already have low, perhaps even negative ranged defense.

    Avatar photoAlexander

    They definitely have limited ranged defense, but I’m still seeing pretty low hit rates for bowman (comparable with much smaller targets). I figured they’d have a legit penalty. Skeletons, for example, are hard to wound with arrows, but this doesn’t translate to just having a high ranged defense — shooters literally have a penalty to damage when they hit. I figure for Unholds the reverse is true, only for hit change, not damage. Even an extra 10% or whatever would make sense, since they’re such large targets.

    Avatar photoDare Wolf

    Does game support such an attack outcome like target was hit without real damage delivered? This is one of the most realistic result if you hit armored or quite robust and thick-skinned enemy, btw.

    If not then looks like this is the cause of issue.

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