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    Hi everyone!

    i’m posting here today ’cause i’ve recently discovered something about the Reach the Advantage Perk that concerned me.

    After many plays on Early Access, both on Normal or Ironman mode, i did a “testing field” campaign for test some ideas i developed.

    Between all these, i build up a Pikeman/2h fighter, with Reach the Advanage perk with the idea of building some stacks of MeleeDef with billhook before switching him to 2h weapons ( good combo with goblin billhook and warbrand, that allows you to hit 2 time (5ap+4ap) with Quick Hands perk.


    i also discovered that once i switch my weapon, all builded stack just disappears.

    So, my point is, was that perk meant to work like that, or is some kinda “bug” or “glitch”?

    Ty all, have a nice gaming :-P

    Avatar photoRahziel

    Read this trait’s description carefully, in last part it says: “If you put away your weapon, you lose all stacks.”
    Switching weapon counts as ‘putting away’..

    Avatar photoOrthega

    It does mention in the perk description that if you put your 2-handed weapon away you’ll lose all stacks, and I would argue that it makes sense in both balance (exploit example: successfully cleaving all target with a 2-handed gives you 3 stacks, with Quick Hands you get to equip your shield for free and if could keep those stacks that char will be untouchable) and realism (you’re keeping the enemy at bay with your superior reach, no matter how fast you can switch weapons, they’ll close distance the moment your weapon is not in the way).

    Avatar photoFlintlock89

    thank you all, that’s a problem that i have often with games that i played a lot, u stop reading stuffs ’cause “bah, i know, i know” and then u loose some details.

    have a nice game waiting the full release

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