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    Hello everyone

    I have a single question regarding the new company origins.

    The militia origin for exampel, is said that you can only recruit lowborn peasants, but i was wondering, if you have enough renown, and you have played long enough, can you then hire people with higher background?
    It would make sense, that a swordmaster or anything similar would join your band, if you have high enough renown, would it not?


    No. Militia origin don’t let you hire nobles and other ever. Even if your militia is famous around the lands, you’ll never have in your ranks highborns.

    I’m very interested in militia origin for 2 reasons: the possibility of playing with 16 soldiers and the loot at the begining of the campaign.


    Ah that’s fine . I’m also mostly interested in the militia (of course, I’m going to play every origin), but I was just wondering, if you could hire highborn later in-game. It is going to be fun though.

    I’m also excited to see how it plays out, with more men on the field


    You can only hire lowborn, but you can still get other backgrounds via events and contract twists.

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