Topic: Regarding mods, please don’t support Steam Workshop

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    I want to plead with the devs to not support the Steam Workshop now that the game is opened up to mods. Steam Workshop is an exclusivity deal just like what is going on right now with the Epic store. It’s a way for Valve to one-up the competition as it excludes those of us who buys games on other platforms such as GOG. It divides the community into first and second class citizen as far as mods are concerned. Nexusmods has been the go-to mod page for years and years and is open to everyone. The only thing that Steam Workshop offers is a one-click installation process if you’re gaming on Steam. As a tradeoff you get no control over your mods whatsoever, the author can remove them or update them in a way that you don’t like and your Steam Workshop subscription will adjust the mod installation to reflect the latest change without your input.

    I love modding and I love Battle Brothers, it’s one of the best tactical games I’ve played period. Please don’t punish me for choosing GOG as my platform to experience your game. I’m looking forward to the next DLC, keep up the good work!

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    What a sec, did they officially support the game for modding? Because in the FAQ they put this:

    There’s a bunch of mods already out there for the game, see here and here. Although we would have liked to support modding beyond what is currently possible, early on in the development of Battle Brothers we had to make tough decisions to get the game made at all. These decisions can’t be undone anymore, and that’s just the way it is. If there is ever going to be a Battle Brothers 2, it’ll have full-fledged mod support for sure.

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    What a sec, did they officially support the game for modding?

    Some autistic coder break encryption of files and produced a tool that allow decoding them into usable format and now they are all open for modifications.
    But that is all.

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    I’m not a modder but I enjoy mods and like Steam Workshop a lot more than Nexusmods. It’s just much easier to use.

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    I don’t think it’s an issue at all, at least given the current state of things.
    There’s no mod support in vanilla and there are no plans for adding one, as I understand.

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