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    Fear not, i do not implying any disgusting thumler-like ideas. Its all about friends and rivals.

    Its really surprising, how such important aspect of any closed collective as personal relationship is not implemented in the game at all. Mercenaries can be friends, competitors, have grudges, controversies and much more. Here some very basic ideas how this idea can influence the game:

    Certain events like taking friendly arrow into liver, or being saved from the grave with few HP left can form the bond of friendship of rivalry between mercenaries, each have advantages and disadvantages, threat it right and both may be useful in battle.

    For example, friendship provides those features:
    -Mercs have bonus resolve for each friend next to him. Stick together with your pals.
    -Mercs have bonus to melee attack and defence against enemy, if there are friendly merc next to this enemy. Good friends are good in teamwork.
    -Mercs have negative morale check each time his friend recieve serious injury, and gain combat penalties if his friend dies. There are no place for feels on a battlefield.
    -Mercs have positive morale check if their friend in range of 3 tiles suceeds on positive morale check. Team spirit, yeah!

    Rivalry also provides some features:
    -Mercs have defence penalties, if there is rivaling merc next to him. Its hard to fight if there are some douches behind your back.
    -Rivaling mercs do not apply shieldwall extra defence bonus to each other.
    -Mercs have positive morale check each time his rival recieve injury.
    -Mercs have small but cummulative bonus to melee and ranged attack each time his rival attack and misses. Look how it is done, looser.

    To not make things too comlicated there should be limit to number of friends and rivals for each merk. Something like “2 friends and 1 rival maximum”

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    like this !!!

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