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    I have a bit of a gripe with how the reputation system works, namely with how fast people seem to forget good deeds of the company.

    I understand that from a design point of view it is an incentive for the players to keep travelling and nursing their employers, but sometimes it’s really jarring. We run a mercenary company that lives off of available contracts, so it’s only natural that we move on when there is nothing else to do in a particular place. Why should we be essentially punished for that? Especially in a span of just several days?

    It does kind of make sense when dealing with noble houses (those ungrateful stuck-up snobs) or largest cities (a lot of things going on all the time, hence our achievements are just another occurrence), but none whatsoever when it happens with smaller settlements…

    “Last week I returned your stolen relic, cleared your cemetery of the undead AND protected your village from an army of orcs – where the HELL is your gratitude NOW, you filthy peasants?!” ;]

    On a more serious note it also impacts finances at the start of the campaign quite a bit as the smaller settlements often provide valuable trading goods which you really need to buy at a reputation-derived discount in order to make some much-needed profit.

    Maybe the rate of deterioration could be tied to the size of town and the general reputation of the company? A small village would not easily forget venerated heroes who saved it from monsters while bigger cities would require constant activity, especially if the company is not very renowned nor respected.

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    yeah, the reputation drop makes me almost only take jobs from the settlement which profits me most, a town that i can sell all the weapon and junk, a village that can sells me tool and amour with a discount, and that all, usually only two settlements become my allies, and those noble houses generally hate me, because i have to abandon quests to lower my own reputation in order to lower the game difficulty. the settlements always forgets our good, but the enemy never forget.

    the reputation system definitely need a rework in the future. defeating a raiding party successfully should makes the villagers love you more than just escorting a caravan, and destroying a orc warlord’s camp should benefit a great deal to the party reputation than killing common bandits.

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    It seems to me that the friendship and enmity of settlements both wither away at the same rate (i.e. somewhat too quickly). I defied two noble houses and fought their troops and gave their shields to my frontline to wear as trophies, and all it took was a few missions for friendly settlements under their overlordship before they went back to neutral from threatening.

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