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    So this is my first run of the game and I am really loving it. I have a set of Brothers I hold dear to my roster, but they are just fucked up. I have one guy I named “Guntram, The Rock” because the dude has died 4 times in battles, he always come back, but hes horribly disfigured and his stats are trash. Having said that I don’t want to fire him because he is an immortal legend, but I really need the space on my roster. So my suggestion would be to add support roles in the reserve menu. For example we have the normal 27 slots with how ever many Brothers you have on your current roster. Lets say I have 20 Brothers, I can only have 12 in battle at a time leaving 8 sitting in reserves. Now add all the characters I have that are useless and that leaves me with around only around 5 extra slots. Then you have to account for all injured Brothers, which after a close fight could force me to put my disfigured Brothers in. This is where the added support reserve roles would come in. Lets say you would start out with 1 or maybe 0 (and be able to purchase more), the person in that reserve spot would add extra support for the Brothers in reserve. For example lets say I wanted to put Guntram the Rock in the support slot, he would then become a Drill Sergeant or some sort of Trainer and maybe provide a very small experience boost to the Reserve Brothers next battle, or maybe a Brother with the Minstrel background could provide a morale boost with a lute while in the slot. I do find it odd that Jesters and Minstrels don’t have a non-offensive support option. Another alternative option would be just to add like a home base that acts as like a generic player home. Maybe the Brothers reserved at home could provide a passive income through training or something. Anyways thats just my suggestion, I’m sure there is probably a mod or something, but it would be cool to see this become default in the game.

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