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    I’ve just completed my first late game crisis, the undead invasion. Upon completing a quest to repel an undead attack on a village, I returned to the quest-giver’s town. After being rewarded, I was given an event which announced the end of the invasion.

    I attempted to retire, but after receiving the achievement “Leaving a Mark”, the interface of the game vanished, and the game seemed to pause. I saw no screen regarding my retirement, but after hitting escape, the menu returned. Subsequent attempts to retire outside of the dream event gave me the same problem. Choosing different options in the dream have no effect. Attempting to retire before the dream sequence also has no effect. I’ve been able to replicate the error in my save game, which I’ll attach to this post.

    I’m not certain if the problem is one of the retirement screens being bugged, or if it’s related to the end of the undead invasion. At this point, it seems I can’t end the game by retiring with my company persisting.

    Edit: Forgot to add some files to the first .zip. My bad! “logandsavefix” should have everything needed.

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    Fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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