Topic: Retreat AI, eternal roaming beasts and some minor issues

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    No mods, latest version, all DLC.
    1. The retreat AI has some infuriating problems. Fairly often 1 or 2 brothers will bug out and not move properly in one of several ways, allowing enemies to cath up to them.
    Battle against brigands, everyone moves back properly except for the indebted with a billhook who started on elevated ground. Instead of just going back like everyone else he decides to hug the other brothers and is easily caught.
    Battle against a small group of Chosen. Again, most of the company acts like they should, except for the brother with a boar spear who started out on the left flank and instead of simply moving backwards decided to fan out all the way to the right before starting to retreat. Naturally, the barbarians have easily caught him right after this. The brothers with the arming sword and jagged pike have not acted yet when this screenshot was taken, and they’ve retreated as normal.
    Sometimes, though, pressing the retreat button causes the acting brother to just end their turn and start the escape on the next instead of moving back right away. I’ve got no idea what causes this and couldn’t replicate it, but it did occur more than once.
    2. Contract spawned groups of enemies are ignored by the rest of the world which is fine, but this flag stays on even if the contract is cancelled. This can result in groups the player doesn’t want to fight yet (like serpents) roaming around the area freely and essentially blocking it off due to not being targeted by local patrols unless we drag them right into one.
    3. If the last enemy is killed by a Riposte, the game gets confused and asks the player if they want to give chase when all enemies are already dead. Easy to replicate in the scenarios even though its such a rare occurrence during actual gameplay.
    4. The Hook skill of bills and hooked blades only plays the first part of its sound pack, the one that signifies that a check for the skill has occurred. The second part (hook_hit) does not regardless if the target has been moved.

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    Not sure if this one counts, i understand how resolve checks are made when engaging multiple opponents but i’ve thought it only thuoght it happens when the target gets engaged and not moves in himself.The brother with the firelance who started north of the one with the swordlance killed a nachzherer and moved in to occupy the tile with the corpse. This caused him to drop down to wavering.
    Also double gripping a firelance does not show the correct numbers for damage in the inventory stat screen, probably because its taking the actual fire attack into account and not the spear one.

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