Topic: Retreating from Alps – Alps: touchy subject, I know

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    Encountered my first alps ambush since my return to BB after a long while. I had an opportunity to avoid them, but I was too busy sipping coffee (shoulda been on alert, it was night time after all).

    I froze, I realised I was probably going to lose 75% of my brothers (if Alps were anything like they were a year and a bit ago). But then I remembered reading a changelog which stated that pressing ‘Retreat’ would guarantee a safe one, which was implemented after much complaining.

    So out of curiosity, and feeling like I wasn’t really punished for my blunder, I checked out the wiki and read up. Alps are way different to how they used to be, and apparently are easily cheesable with whips? So with that knowledge, it made me wonder: does the player still need this failsafe that is the free retreat from Alps? Should that be looked into by the devs?

    I know, I know, people. Alps are still scary, and it’s not every day a playerbase is going to be petitioning to make a game mechanic harder, but that’s what we’re here to discuss :)


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