Topic: Reward for greater beast hunt contract needs balancing

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    The new contracts have badly setup gold rewards. I was offered 50 gold per head for lesser beasts: webknechts, direwolves or nachtzereres. That sounds nice, thanks!

    The problem is, contracts for alps, hexen and unholds pays twice the amount – 100 per head.

    An unhold is NOT as strong as 2 spiders. An unhold is as dangerous as 10 spiders at least. I will never take that 100 per head contract, it makes no sense. Fighting those beasts is way too dangerous. Even if I hunt down a hexe, it’s just ONE HEAD. Why would I risk my people dying to “friendly” fire for a stupid 100 gold?

    This reward needs to be 4X greater IMO. Or in some other way, the greater beasts contract needs a rework. In its current state, it pays much less for much more risk than any other nobleman contract. Heck, the travel time alone will probably cost me the few crowns I earn for hunting those beasts.

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