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    Tostig sat by the fire of the tavern, a tankard in his hand. He allowed his mind to wonder back to where it had all begun. The rebirth of the Raven company.
    The battlefield lay strewn with his battle brothers. What mistakes had led to this he couldn’t remember. All he did remember was that he and the two remaining brothers needed to fight if they wanted to see themselves free of Hoggart and his deadly trap.

    Armed with his spear and shield Tostig rushed towards a club wielding bandit in front of him. He raised his shield to protect himself. Mean while Meinolf their crossbow armed brother moved behind them trying to spy a shot. With the melee that was going on he struggled to get a bead that wouldn’t endanger both friend or foe. Suddenly Deitmar surged into the fight and with that distraction Meinolf pulled the trigger and landed a quarrel into the nearest bandit thug. The thug began to struggle and Deitmar swung a might blow and parted the thugs head from his neck. The last thug was shocked by his friends sudden removal and didn’t see Tostig thrust forward driving his spear into his exposed flesh.

    Hoggart had fled the field but Tostig remembered that was the day it all began.

    Follow the adventures of the Raven company as they raise their banner up high across the lands.

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