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    Avatar photoRahziel

    Here is a screenshot, where you can see 2 similar \/ -shaped road turns on which ground ends abruptly, like it’s a tape cut off with scissors.

    It shouldn’t have such clear edge, right?

    Avatar photoRap

    Fixed. Requires starting a new campaign to take effect.

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    Avatar photoRahziel

    The Road connecting to the Keep from this direction always drawn above the image of the said Keep.

    This was encountered on different maps.

    Edit: Hmm.. Maybe that’s the fault of the Keep, not the road.

    Here wheat fields are drawn over the Keep image, and the downtown to the south looks weird, as if on the wall:

    Edit2: Definitely the Layers order is messed up..

    and more..

    Avatar photoRahziel

    That problem actually also lies with the images of settlements positioned lower that they should be on the grid:

    Side to side comparison:

    Big examples:

    Notice how fir tree grows from the east wall and some houses protrude frome south wall?

    We need to lift the image up a bit..

    That’s much better – the castle look taller, larger and more prominent.

    Now the fir tree grows from the soil and the houses near the south wall look up to scale and properly aligned with this Citadel.

    Sadly, the same problem happens with Stone Keep and Wooden Keep too.

    I hope it’s not too much trouble to move the mask or adjust the positioning.

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