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    i always wonder why bandits can use the “rotation” perk that often, any raider tier bandit can do that, yet my boyz have to wait until the middle game, this makes me jealous.

    what if the “rotation” perk for the player was more accessible in the early game? i mean its a combat discipline, the militia captain should know it, the veteran soldier should know it, and your battle brothers should know it.

    ive been playing this game for over 300 hours, but only less than 5 of my brothers had this wonderful perk. what about you guys?

    Avatar photoMike

    I’m OK with how it is right now – easily but not immediately accessible.

    The “rotation” would be a very difficult manoeuvre on the battlefield – just holding formation requires considerable training and cooperation – so I don’t mind waiting for my bros to gather some experience under their belts before they can utilise it.

    As for bandits using it I think it’s a good idea as they become pushovers in a hurry, so the more tricks they have the less boring battling them becomes. I just wish AI exercised more common sense because right not it often does them more harm than good.

    I must say I find the idea of some characters having access to pre-selected perks from the start intriguing, though I’d much rather see that as having a background-specific special.

    Avatar photoIoci

    The “rotation” would be a very difficult manoeuvre on the battlefield

    maybe allow the rotation to fail just like walking away from the foe’s face without using “footwork” perk. so even the rotation has become a early perk, in order to execute it safely, your brother may still need to use it with a later perk.

    and yes, i agree with you about the AI, sometimes raiders use rotation makes them lost the chance to kill my second row guy(those who has a pole-arm) or waste half of their action point(those who have a range weapon in hand after been engaged would rotate and switch the weapon to melee in a same turn).

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