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    First: Forgive me that I will not write any laudatory words in this post. This post is not for forum discussion but for devs. And you, guys, know that I supported your game for a long time and was always positive, even when I did not really like something in the patches. ) Here the question is different: refusal to further development of BB, dlc and others is not a true strategic decision. Believe me, I’m too old to be mistaken. Whatever reasons (economic, technical, etc.) you seem to be NOW insurmountable or important in the way of further work on the BB – they will seem to you after 10 years …a total nonsense. BB is not just a game – you yourself said that this is your hobby, an idea that just developed into a game. And with such things do not joke-it’s not a faceless aaa project for cutting down easy money from fools, it’s part of the soul. BB could become a legend. Not easy, not at once, but could. it is a fact. You throw them at the end of the first chapter…
    As usual, forgive my English. Best regards. RusBear.

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