Topic: Map seed's mercs for hire are not properly randomized the first time

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    1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?

    Game version

    If you create a map using the same seed right after you launch the game, you will always get the same mercs available for hire with same traits.

    it becomes only random when you start a new game second time after launching the game.

    It’s not really supposed to be this way because only the map and starting bros should be fixed, but there seems to be a weird coding glitch there.

    I use a particular map seed for starting bros and map but I want other things to be random, so I first start a game, finish the tutorial fight and quit to the main menu to start another one for randomization to kick in. It’s really annoying, to be honest.

    I don’t know programming but it’s possible that a template or preset used for randomization that should be discarded seem to appear the first time you create a map after launching the game.

    2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?
    Try starting a new game with a particular seed right after you launch the game. Quit the game, relaunch, and do the same. exactly the same configuration for mercs for hire.

    Then if you quit to the main menu and use the same seed, now mercs are randomized.

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