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    Hello dear developers. After playing for many hours in the Battle Brothers, there was a proposal for the export, import of soldiers. I wanted to see such an opportunity in the game.
    Of course this offer is up to you.

    The transfer of warriors from the map to the map will give a continuation of your favorite heroes. The map becomes boring with time, crises destroy villages. Export will give the opportunity to continue the game with more experienced warriors. Ironman can kill the most experienced heroes.

    Import and export is possible only if there is an Ironman game. It is impossible to import and export “Battle Standard”.

    Export of warriors.

    Export of soldiers is possible from settlements with harbor. From the harbor we enter the section “Exports warriors”.

    “Exports warriors” All troop warriors and the cost of each warrior’s exports are shown here.
    Warriors are exported to the barracks. Number of seats in the barracks 12.

    Cost of export of one soldier:
    1) Level 1 * 10000 = 10000 crowns.
    2) Paid 1 daily * 10 day = 10 crowns. (It is transferred to the next card when the warrior is imported.) The sum is displayed in the barracks).
    3) Worth weapon = the cost of personal warrior equipment. (All equipment dressed on the character). You can not export equipment received for ambition.
    The prise of export = 1 + 2 + 3

    The export of soldiers is possible only after the completion of the first crisis. During crises, exports are impossible.

    The exported soldiers leave the detachment in the barracks. Further passage of the card will be without them.

    Import of warriors.

    When creating a new game you need to go to the barracks. The barracks open with the presence of one warrior and the game Ironman.

    In the barracks. The maximum number of soldiers 12. You can import 1-3 soldiers. Warriors add a feature – import.

    Money for 10 days – (Paid 1 daily * 10 day = 10 crowns. It is transferred to the next card when the warrior is imported.) The sum is displayed in the barracks).

    Import the warrior to the places under the numbers 1,2,3, the starting warriors will be replaced. For example: putting a soldier with an ax to number 3. The archer will be replaced.

    Importing a warrior to a new card, he leaves the barracks.
    With a new card the warrior can be exported back to the barracks.

    I do not know English. Translated text using Google Translate.

    Thank you for attention.

    Avatar photoIoci

    i think by doing so, the game may lose its replayable feature. which you always get the same brothers in almost every playthrough

    Avatar photoBioulf

    Maybe you’re right Loci.
    But when playing Ironman on Expert, a warrior can easily die.
    A warrior with a high level, a large daily fee. At the beginning of the game, it will be difficult to pay salaries.
    The export is very expensive. A level 25 warrior will cost 250,000 + cost of ammunition + a daily fee for 10 days.
    The level of the warrior is always growing. Warrior of the 50 level: 500000+.
    Such money in the game is very difficult to earn.
    Export warrior, 1 level. With good characteristics, it is more profitable to export.
    This is only a proposal. One of many. If the proposal is not relevant, it will not be considered. I will not insist.

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