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    For now sergeant doesn’t have any special “attack”. My suggestion is to add “battle scream” attack, this same which use orc warlords. If sergeants already have special abilities let me know.


    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    What sergeant?
    There is perk Capitan(2nd Tier utility) that boost resolve soldiers that have resolve lower than soldier with this perk and Rally the Troops(3th Tier Utility) perk that restore fatigue.
    I really don’t see humans screaming that loud to scare orcs but I see a point in skill that actually rally the troops boosting their morale or at last make them back to normal morale status.

    Avatar photoTexan

    Oh I forget to write, man at arms’ sergeant, from strongholds.


    Avatar photoTexan

    I mean sergeants saying basic words, example:
    “Hold the line!”
    “Don’t be scared!”
    “Stop retreating!”
    “Kill them all!”
    “No mercy!”
    “Tonight, we dine in hell!”
    It would boost morales and/or flying allies would stop retreating.
    Because for now sergeants are just running around and fighting, but they should support allies, especially when there is usually 1 or 2 sergeants per company.


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