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    my name is Merandos and M don’t own the game nor have M ever played it before. So please forgive me if I get some things wrong or speak about things that are not implemented in the game.
    I have seen some videos about this game from “DasTactics” and I do like the game very much.
    So I thought, if u roamed around and finished some contracts, maybe got some “fame” with the local peasants and some goodwill with the lords or ladies. What about settling down? Would it be possible to settle a small village near a crossroad? This small village could be your personal save harbor in this dark world.
    Maybe u could upgrade this small village into a Village/Town and after that into a Town with a Castle or Ford?
    A place where u can start producing your own good (depending on the location where u settle down [near mountains u have the possibility to build a mine or if u settle near green farmlands u can farm grain, fruits etc; near a coast u could have a harbor for fishing]). Maybe we can station troops in the Ford/Castle and they train in the time we kill some monsters in the next village so they get some exp as well and or heal. This Town could be a place where u get additional contracts. Of course u need to stay alerted so that bandits don’t raid and loot your village. Maybe (in the late-mid to endgame) when u are known in the land near and far the local lord has grown quite envious of u and wants to take this Town/Ford for himself.
    I thought about some mechanics I knew from Mount and Blade.
    These are just some random thought I had and thought it would be great to share these with the Developers and the Battle Brothers Community.

    (Sorry for any spelling mistakes)
    Have a great day

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    This game is about managing a travelling mercenary company. While what you describe sounds like a fun game, it’s also very much a different one and not what Battle Brothers is about.

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