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    Hi everyone!

    I encountered my first late game crisis, the noble war. After a few battles, pillaging a few villages etc. I was ordered to reinforce a siege force besieging a small fort. After arriving I got two messages which boiled down to “welcome” and “we’re going to starve them, they are already weakening”. Now my orders are to maintain the siege and intercept any forces from breaking through.

    It’s been about twenty-one days now without any messages. Occasionally an enemy force or supply/trade caravan arrives (no questmarkers) and is taken out before they get to the fort. The questmarker is still hovering above the fort, but nothing happens. I cannot leave without breaking the quest, and I’m slowly starving. Considering the fact that food goes bad after two weeks at the latest, the defenders should already be skeletons.
    Also, the besieged fort still regularly spawns patrols, which seems kind of odd.

    Maybe I’m just not seeing the solution here, but shouldn’t something have happened already? Right now I have only the option of either starving or abandoning the quest.

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    If you have a save of this, please send it to

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