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    with the amount of enemies player is facing later on even with “faster ai movement” a couple first rounds of battles are mostly composed of waiting for enemies to finish moving around – often all of them before any bros as the latter are usually heavily armored and have lower initiative.

    This is especially troublesome when fighting on difficult terrain with melee-only enemies as you have to wait around 3 turns before enemies reach your line, and nothing but movement happens on their side (you can shoot them with your rangers but only oafter you’ve seen every single one of them move at a snail’s pace).

    So, could we get a “skip enemy turn” option that would make any actions undertaken by enemies instant (instant, not faster) if they do not interact with our bros? I don’t need to see 30 nachs teleport one by one, just move them all at once and present me with the end result when I can do something.

    Right now I’m becoming somewhat reluctant to enter big battles out of fear – not of defeat, but of boredom. I’ve resorted to passing the waiting time by reading something on the second screen but I’d much rather spend that time actually playing.


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    I recommend using speedhack function from cheat engine. Best of both worlds – you get to see enemy moves without skipping, and it’s fast.

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    I’ve just tried attacking a goblin city – 47 gobbos, every single one of them moving before any of my brothers. Even with faster AI movement enabled I literally had enough time to get a cup of tea before I could do anything other than watching the enemy’s turn. And as half of them used a “wait” as well I then had to spend almost as much time waiting for the FIRST turn to be done.

    Can we PLEASE get the suggested option?

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    Second that.

    When running away, baiting Geists, getting to higher ground or using any kind of maneuvers in general this would be a huge quality of life improvement.
    It just takes ages to wait for even just 10 enemies to finish what they are doing, if your plan involves running around for 3 turns.

    Later in the game with 20-40 opponents, retreating and maneuvers alike turn in to a chore.

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