Topic: Smaller chances, big impact? Things I would love to the with the DLC

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    Hello fellow Battle Brothers

    First of I like to say I’m really happy about more content coming our way!

    My biggest hope would be to have less level scaling in the game – something closer to the original vision from the studio. I could be a map designed especially for that purpose or some experimental feature – I do understand however, that this would be on a bigger scope than probably intended for this DLC.

    So what I would realistically like to see are some smaller tweaks to the gameplay, true to the spirit of the game as it is
    One of the goals of the addon is to add more variety. I like that but at the same time think that there is more potential in the core game as well.
    Especially in the early game but as well in the mid game raiders are to prominent. I’m sure if there would be a survey raiders would be on top of most list of liked enemy’s, but still it gets to repetitive. What do I think could chance that?
    – Give me small bands of orc younglings early on. A bit later in the game progression they could be accompanied by one Orc Warrior (something like a kindergarten and a kindergarten teacher :-P=)
    – I’m not so much in love with fighting goblins BUT love the design of the goblin rider. Give me more of them early on (for example in the quest to hunt down what terrorizes a village…)
    – I also think the undead (legions) could use some tweaks to make some more fun – one easy think could be to give them a high chance of dropping loot (something quite clever from the past aka “Rome era”) to add to your armor (as just described in dev blog) BUT fighting some necrosavants is really something, not for the early game but please more often in the midgame. They are so well designed
    – I also would like to see some more fights against the zombies. Either way with support of a tier I necromancer who can only cast the bloodlust spell OR just huge hordes of the zombies on occasion. This is something I would gladly see in the mid to late game more often: fighting huge amounts of enemy’s. I know I would take forever, but still rarely doing so would add some nice variance! I could see myself in the midgame fighting 30+ thugs accompanied by one leader

    Random things:
    Some quality of life improvements would be appreciated
    – Even more options in the game creation
    – An option to see (before hiring) two of the three attributes the man is talented in, not their exact count, mind you. Some of his traits should also be seen directly, like strong etc. Of course make it optional
    – A speed up option in between what is currently available for the combat part.

    The damage from goblins should come mainly from the little guys attacking from the second row and not so much from the archer – minus damage for them?

    Looking forward for the new content! More quests, more enemy types and maybe more mechanics!

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