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    When first reading about the roadmap and planned release in Q1 2017 I was a bit disappointed. There are simply so many things/new systems or additions fitting to Battle Brothers.
    I shortly after realized that with improving on the existing game systems there still is an enormous amount of potential without big complete new systems and that some of them dearly need the attention: most presently the Worldmap, as planned by the developers.
    There are some smaller others things I would really like to emphasize for the game:

    More options at the start of the game, the more, the better

    More Space in the reserve. Playing with ironman I would like to put some damaged or weaker brothers in the reserve because I still might need them if things go south. In addition, I would like to adapt more to enemies and terrain through different skilled brothers. At least I want the possibility to do so (20-22 in total?). With a system in place for reduced pay for mercenaries in reserve for 4 plus days. Maybe a third row for the active formation might be something to consider as well

    Shortcuts for the extra weapons and items in the bags integrated in the battlefield user interface. I am honestly bothered by all the extra steps I have to take to give my bowmen his pike when to close for firing. First the Inventory has a delay but more annoying: after the battle I better remember to put his bow back in his hand. I would like to mark a weapon as a primary one. That way after a battle the weapon is back in his hand. Same goes for throwing weapon.

    I would like to see more details about potential new recruits. Buying expansive Backgrounds now sucks. Especially on higher difficulty and Ironman, where you can’t make big mistakes. So I thought about seeing a preview of a recruit. Something like some traits you only get to know after the first battle or two (lets say drunkard). Also the third of the stars/his talents is revealed after his first level up.

    I actually like the design of goblins quite a lot, but in their current state I avoid them. Maybe take the poison away from the bowmen and give some goblins a pipe like weapon, analog to throwing weapon only usable in short range?

    I love fights with lots of (weaker) opponents – they just take to long. There is some delays after some actions or abilities used for the ai. Find a way to speed the ai turn up (toogleable) without showing no movement at all.

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    I like some of these suggestions. Specially for the inventory part. Its a pain in midgame, when you dont know who have what. Also, a reminder of the perks your recruits have could be nice.

    I love the suggestion of a third row.

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