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    I’m playing the Lone Wolf Origin and am on about day 60..he’s obviously the only 2handed candidate so far…have some good Billmen and maybe 2 end game shield bros (if they survive playing vet/Ironman). I LOVE the look of flails both versions but I’ve read it’s very underpowered end game. I’ve beaten all 3 crisises on vet/Ironman but all my guys were normal endgame builds like 2handed weapons and pole arms and shield bros.

    How bad would I be gimping the line wolf as a flail duelist or 2handed flailman. Seems like a specialist and not an orc warrior fighter :(

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    1h Flails are good vs humans, ancient dead and gobbos.

    100% head hit + duelist’s arpen + cripling strikes = guaranteed neuted enemy with just 1 action, as “severe concussion” effect makes enemy counter productive for its own side.
    Best case is OHK. Skellies and “regular” humans do OHK quite often, provided, you stack arpen.

    Only donwside is a possible min roll on damage.
    Flails are good vs orcs w/o head gear for the same reason.

    On other hand Flails are terrible vs armored orcs, use hammers for that.

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    Ya agreed, I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant. The Lone Wolf is powerful and right now I have zero two handed candidates (bad rolls on hires so far, playing Ironman so no reloads) so a flail duelist or 2hander makes him good in certain fights not all. If I go 2handed hammer, sword or axe he’s useful in very right. I just think flails are cool looking lol.

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