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    Hi, first of all, I want to thanks the development team for making this game. I’ve spent 14 hours straight on this game, this is one of the best indie game for me so far. so, I would like to make some suggestion that might improve the gameplay.

    Special Item + Combination
    For example, some unique weapon like Silver Sword and Silver bolt for crossbow which will give a bonus effect against the undead like werewolf, ghost etc.
    also when someone with witchhunter background is equipped with a crossbow with silver bolt, he will get more extra damage and effect against the undead.
    and if a someone with a Thief background is equipped with a Knife or Dagger + a poison, he will get something like 15 damage for 3 moves.

    another way to get more crown other than looting and doing some quest. trading by buying an item for a low price and sell it for high price to a town, an item price is depend on the town location and production. for example.
    A town + near a forest + near a river = wood and fish(food) sell to a village with no wood but have many food = wood +$$, food -$$

    Town growth
    The more Trading = the more town growth
    more town growth = more people to be hire + more caravan
    more caravan = more bandit and raider

    well,there are more thing that i was thinking but I’ll put some of it for now.
    this is becoming more complicated, but this is just a suggestion.
    thank you for reading my suggestion. cheer!!

    Avatar photoRusBear

    The idea of combinations with the history of the character and bonuses on certain types of weapons – is very promising, for me. For the simple reason that it will deepen the roleplay. I, for example, love to play as I LIKE and not how it is easier to win. And if I hired brother with background lumberjack and he will have an increased chance of critiсal head chop with an axe – I’m just happy. Another question – is all this will entail a titanic job on balance and under game mechanics, but it is a question for the developers – are they ready for this? :)

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