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    Ok so having played a bit, man did you make some things OP. Like to the level where im losing the will to play this game completely.

    For example Orc Young have been buffed an entire order of power up with the new way their jump attack works. Now sometimes (based on weapon type?) stun not only one guy, but multiple guys they land on. They can break shields while jumping and i even had a guy die to the jump attack. This is ridiculous. Most of them are armed with rather dangerous weapons that can inflict insane damage. Some of them can break shields. Some of them can decapitate and basically 2 shot kill low skill brothers. They dont need a multi stun shield breaking jump attack as well… Essentially you nullify the biggest advantage we have – unload ranged weapons at them with this. Completely needless. Buffs to what should be the easiest orc basically from an encounter you should be happy to take for exp and loot, into an encounter that basically requires a party specifically geared and made just for them, which is ridiculous. The old Young Orcs worked just fine.

    Goblins. Jesus christ. I have a level 8 party of 12 which just got attacked by a goblin part of 13. Like 8 dog riders and 5 archers. The archers are as ridiculous as theyve always been, but they are manageable even with the debilitating BS that they do. But i cant help but feel that you buffed the riders through the roof. Again it went from being an tactically interesting fight i was always happy to take, into a bloody nightmare. Dog riders do idiotic amounts of damage and take like 2 turns to cross the map. I cant use archers, because of them. I cant use frontliners to chase goblin archers because i get picked off by an enemy that has absolute control of them. If i drop dogs im just buying time by feeding dogs to goblins… Its fucking ridiculous.

    You need to add more different levels of enemies if you want to have content that is this difficult. And then give us mobs of normal power that we encounter at level 3, and preserve this idiotic nonsense that 3 shots a level 8 shielded 250 armor brother for end game or whatever.

    Im being frustrated instead of entertained.

    Avatar photoRap

    Neither Orcs nor Goblins were changed at all with the update. The ‘Charge’ ability of Orcs doesn’t work like you describe; neither can it hit multiple people, nor does it inflict any damage or break shields.

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