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    I know factions are in a state of flux, but I think that throwing out ideas never hurts so, without further ado:


    – From the guys you can occasionally recruit, some Lovecraftian cultists with various mind altering abilities, maybe with deep ones patrolling near swamps and rivers. Plenty of creatures to pull from the mythos.


    – A place for the werewolves that isn’t a generic beasts faction, could include witches, crones, and other various other spooky, dark woods creatures.

      Northern Raiders

    – Come from the northern snowy area, maybe just another flavor of Bandit, perhaps a fully fledged faction, plenty of possibilities

      Nature Faction

    – Druids, Dryads, Wildmen, Satyrs, monstrous animals, etc.

    Again, just a few ideas just thrown out there, love the game so far.

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