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    Hi there!

    Last week I bought your game, and jeez, it’s really nice. I like every gameplay because it’s very different from each other. I know it’s an early access, but there are things that I miss, and I’d really like to see implemented. Also I know there are some programming and time limitations, but here I leave you some ideas I had.


    -More tradeable goods, little bit more Port Royalish (not so complex), and just like an option. If someone just wants to make his way by steel and blood, he can. So, in consequence, the possibility to fleet your own caravan to trade stuff.

    -Attack caravans and villages.

    -Reputation system with villages.

    -Build your own camp, where you can change your roster of battle brothers, store weapons, build a small market place to earn some more crowns…

    -The option to label different places in the map, for example: naming a river or a mountain, “build” a memorial (some type of monument) where you can write the details of an important battle.

    -Blacksmithing: fastest repair, upgrade weapons and armor.

    -More different quests: defend an outpost for some amount of time,


    -Cemetery: where your battle brothers lie.

    -Statistics: would be nice a “statistics” tab (I know there are better names) where you can see how many greenskins, bandits or undead Horik “The Lion” killed in glorious battle.


    -Paint your army with a color scheme.

    -Personalize your own banner (I guess you have it in mind).

    These are just some small ideas I had, and I hope you appreciate. Carry on with your hard work, we really enjoy it.

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    Good ideas. But a few would be taking away from the game if implemented. Say attacking villages. You are a Merc, sword for hire not a bandit, unlike what soldiers will say. It would make no sense for any self respecting mercenary band to pillage a village. Word would spread and then you would never get a contract again. And I touched on ‘trade goods’ in an earlier post. Have them lootables that have no other purpose then to sell. You cannot buy them to sell at a higher price since, once again, you are mercenaries, not merchants.

    Avatar photoicemelon

    Well, just think about it, not all mercs are so “honorable” (they kill for gold dammit haha). A new type of contract would be pillagins some towns (implying there is town rivalries).

    Imagine a mercenary company that has failed a few contracts, lost some men, only a few crowns and food left… A good way to get on the road again could be maybe assaulting one or two caravans, and then try to succeed with another contract.

    And yes, we are mercenaries, but we can kill two birds with one shot, escorting a caravan to Malmkrog and then selling some goods we bought somewhere or we found as a loot when we razed some goblin camp.

    I think that two possibilites could be nice just to make the game more diverse.

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    Most of the above written already offered more than once. You can even find the developer’s reply to this forum, or in steam, if I wanted to. To be honest, I was starting to bore people offering to “plunder the caravans” … I am hoping that if the developers and will to take this step, it will look well so – you rob a caravan – you have turned off the option to save game( ironman mod for so brave robbers)- after that on the map begin to run Group hunters for YOUR heads on the strength of, for example a good ambush goblins … Sun still has the desire to plunder the caravans?

    Avatar photoGooby St. Claire

    Seems everyone has the same ideas for this game except the devs 8). They want to create something unique and that’s great but hopefully they give us some modding capability so we can make the game most of us seem to envision while still appreciating the developers vision (which btw I think will be fun and interesting).

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    think of the villages this way, you get a contract from one faction (thinking of different factions controlling different villages/castles/towns on the map, great addition for the game i think i hope they add it) to raze a village of an opposing faction, if you accept, you are no longer welcome in the one factions territory, but are friendly with one faction, as long as they pay up… Basically you should recieve a price drop in goods or somethin as a reward for not being able to go in one faction’s land, along with the gold from the contract. idk that was what i was thinkin

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