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    Possibly good additions.

    1. COMMANDER. The company leader is only referred to but not available to play. It be cool to play a “Hero/Commander” Class thats the face of the Company of Sellswords. Possibly have a unique skilltree that affects things outside battle and in. Ambush, Preemptive Strike and/or selection of formations, Bartering (discounts and contract negotiations), chance to save a fallen brother, See more of map, travel faster, Battle boosts, negatives effects if commander is “incapacitated” come on he can never die he is the commander after all or is can he.

    2. BATTLE SISTERS with unique stats?

    3. More options for avatar customization. More Faces, tattoos, beards, and possibly add SCARS, ACCESSORIES (eyepatch,etc..), SKIN COLOR.

    4. GORE!!!! War is brutal. lets see a selectable Option for blood and guts and possibly even the possibility to lose body part/s but still fight and maybe bleed out or potentially survive.

    5. More unique weapons, usable pets like similar to wardogs.

    6. HORSES, for faster travel on land in mini Map.

    7. CARAVAN ability to upgrade your caravan to carry more items, ammo, medical supplies, and repair

    8. SPECIALIZATIONS. Be interesting to see Field Medics, Spearmen, Men at Arms, Trackers//Hunters, etc… with both positive and negatives stats/benefits for balance.

    9. SELFSUFICIENT. Being able to hunt/forage for your own food. Possibly a unique Commander Skill.

    10. BADGUY. Being able to pillage and raid a settlement or caravans.

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    1. In the faq
    2. in the faq
    6. in the faq
    9. in the faq

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