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    Seeing as Overhype is continuing to add to the game I thought it would be cool if we had more late game events to make late game less stale so I came up with a davkul like event for the undead crisis.

    Basically during the undead invasion crisis enemy parties with priests/necromancers have like a 1% chance to drop a equipable strange gem it can be sold for like 5000 crowns or if you have a witch hunter an event can pop up where he can smash it for a +5 to his resolve and +1 to the party or he can craft a tonic which heals one random permanent wound among your battle brothers.

    There could also be a special event where if a brother which has both pieces of the emperor’s armor there would be a very small chance that his background changes from whatever it was to the ancient emperor after which the gem is destroyed and a event pops up where the brother gains like +15 in every category.

    Also to make it more risky the equipped gem could periodically trigger an event where the brother gets possessed and he injures party members and loses like 10 morale permanently.

    Anyone have any thoughts on something like this? It most likely won’t happen but it would be cool if each end game crisis had some davkul like events.

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    My idea is for a total DLC called “Davkul Rises”, with enemy of cultists, undead, demons, demonspawn, hellbeasts and a final battle with the one whos names we cannot speak outside of parentheses…… but more on this later ;)

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