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    I always play the game on ironman mode. Today I play as Davkul Cultists. When I was escorting caravan to a far city, an event occured that I must select a brother to meet Davkul. After this event, 6 of my brothers get very angry and became red face. Then they all left my team one by one! I can do nothing to stop they but waiting the caravan moving to destination slowly (there’s no tavern nearby). It was a big blow to my company and me. Did I do something wrong? So I suggest, when a brother with angry mood is about to left company, player has a select option to retain him(give him some money or increase daily paid)



    Why all non-cultists brothers must change to red face (after sacrifice a brother to Davkul)? I think it is better that some change to yellow face(if a non-cultists brother’s resovle is low), and some change to red face(if a non-cultists brother’s resovle is high)

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