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    Hello Guys ,

    First one , your game is great , one of the best for brotherhood management.

    I have already 259 hours of playing.

    So suggestions? randomly :

    -Could we have some priest / druids /chamans like undead or orks have? could be great (with a quest , reputation , or others mecanics ) to have some unusual mercenaries.More stratégics availables , i think.
    – Some battlemages? maybe a very rare event or very limited chance that it come in city , quest or other.I think it could be fun.
    -Horses? goblins are mounting wolves so i guess it’s possible .Could be great to increase tacticals options.

    – Some people have been talking about a mercenary captain , i don’t think it’s good because we are the captain , and we manage the mercenaries but , maybe a skill tree only for the captain to increase company managing.

    -an artist to paint our shield and armor with the brotherhood banner , or a banner that can be wearing by one man , or some tabards that can be buying.
    -New environnement for camp battle , castle battle , village batle and more.

    -Maybe look for that ugly goblin that kill my heavy armored knight with just one dagger hit ! :)

    I think there is a lot of things that you will made for us , so i’m really confident on your work.

    I can’t wait for the february update that will be awesome .

    Thank for the game and sorry for my french scolar english !

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