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    I would really, really, really, like to see a speed up function on both the overview map as the in battle map. Some battles take _ages_ just because there are a large number of allies/enemies involved and the game insists on slowly moving them around, making me twiddle my thumbs in frustration. And when looking for a location on the overview map things can get very boring, especially since sometimes the instructions (plains to the west, forest south of here) can be very fague. Currently I don’t do _any_ of the search location quests because they are just too mindlessly boring.

    Another thing I find aggravating is the games insistence on following the ai when it makes it’s moves. Time I much rather spend looking at the terrain/my own troops and planning my next move. (I saw a button in the settings which seems to have something to do with this, however turning it on or off doesn’t change the following of the ai’s movement.

    Other than that I find the game very good, I think it can be a classic. On a side note I would like to see some manner of safe levelling when you lost a couple of mercs. especially in the mid/late game if you loose a high level merc it is very hard to lvl a new one safely, you tend to run into strong opponents with little possibilities to lvl a low lvl merc.

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    Please, please, please add a speed-up function, yes. Battles feel very slow when you already know all the moves you’re going to make (an “AHA!” or “EUREKA!” moment where you systematically move your troops in a way you know will secure your win, etc). Then you have to wait for the enemy’s turn and it seems to take ages because you’re so excited to get to the next part…

    Yeah, I’d definitely love a combat speed option. And I’d also love an overworld map speed slider, too. Maybe a couple of + / – buttons a la speedup / slowdown options from The Sims, for instance. Press one way or the other for speed adjustment, with a “normal” speed button in the middle (0 being normal, -1 and onward being slower, +1 and onward being faster).

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    Yes jesus christ when i get dragged into battles that some human party initiates. Takes like 2 minutes+ for every turn to pass just watching other characters move around.

    One of the reasons i absolutely hate fighting Goblins. Those damned ambushers make me waste soooooooo much time chasing them around…

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