Topic: Stacking mushrooms and Lindwurms headshots

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    1) Please change the ability to stack mushroom bonuses, because it breaks the game. With a lot of mushrooms, you can kill Kraken, Ijirok, lindwurm, etc. with one hit. You can gorge on mushrooms on the second row fighters, give them a whip and kill 3 enemies in one turn, without worrying about the lack of protection.
    Broken damage
    2) Somehow, the lindwurm can take damage through the tail to the head (a bonus of 1.5 is applied, but the armor remains intact). I was even able to cut off dragon’s ear through the tail. I don’t think it was planned that way.
    Ripped ear?!

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    so this is the traitor who revealed the sercret

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    Who or what have I traited? The stacking mushroom bonuses were definitely broken. It is difficult to call a secret what has been published in several posts on Reddit and YouTube. If it was a joke, then I don’t find it funny.

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    I noticed that the second image is not displayed correctly, at least for me. Here it is Ripped ear?

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