Topic: Does Staff sling work?

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    The same day the DLC was released I started a new campaign and now I’m in the 114 day and I’ve played very interesting and epic battles. I like the Barbarians combat style. Good work guys.

    I’d like to tell you that, in the entire campaign, all the staffsling attacks from the enemy and from one of my men were misses. I’ve never seen an stone impact.

    I used one sling at the begining and, watching that it didn’t worked, I changed it for a bow. During the diferent combats vs humans, enemy slingers missed all their shots too.

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    Yes, it works.

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    Confirmed it works, killed a gobo with one and I’ve been stunned by bandits due to head shots from it.

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    I’ve pretty good luck with staffslings so far. They’re decent early game, and then useful again later mid-late when battles are longer, and ammunition tends to run out. I only phased them out in the very endgame, around the 2-3 crisis.

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